Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Speedy Delivery

Today the box arrived from with the fabric for the new big sewing project. Last Thursday evening after shopping for maternity clothes with my daughter, we rendezvoused with her husband at their apartment and studied the purlsoho web site with such intensity that we almost made ourselves late for our dinner reservation at Canteen.

But at the last possible minute we managed to settle on two fabrics and order them for lining the inside of the "baby room" that is about to be erected in a corner of the expectant couple's Sutter Street apartment. Today those fabrics arrived here at Spencer Alley and I had the inestimable privilege of opening the box. More to follow, certainly, as the project gets underway.

The top print is Freespirit Fabric's Nicey Jane in Green Pocketbook HB22. The bottom print is Alexander Henry's Good Earth in Brite Good Earth 7091A. I will also be making solid-color crib sheets to coordinate with these prints. The plan is that they will be just about the same pink as the tissue paper this parcel arrived in today (Schiaparellli pink, that is to say – a color also covering part of the continent of Africa immediately above).