Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Sun

Checked on my daughter's roses in the East Bay today. It was almost a spring day. Never quite a warm day. But an optimistic bright day.

The tulips in pots have started to bloom (above) while the nasturtiums (below) are making haste to claim more territory for themselves.

The shovelful of Shasta daisies above came out of the empty spot depicted below. The daisies were spreading too near one of the rose bushes, so I dug out a chunk and then replanted them in a prepared space alongside the picket fence.

Among the slowly-wilting daffodil stalks I planted several of these foxgloves in cream and in pink. Also tucked in a few ranunculus (among the irises) and impatiens (among the lilies) but was not conscientious enough to get their photos.