Monday, March 1, 2010


My main objective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was the Luc Tuymans retrospective in the soaring top-floor galleries. I will have to see the show again before I can start blasting out opinions about it, but my first impression was more favorable than the publicity images had led me to expect.

Then downstairs I revisited a few of my favorites in the beautifully rearranged sampling from the permanent collection marking the museum's 75th anniversary.

Robert Rauschenberg
detail of Scanning, 1963

Eva Hesse
detail of Untitled or Not Yet, 1966

Eva Hesse
detail of Sans II, 1968

Bruce Conner
detail of Looking Glass, 1964

Adaline Kent
Dark Mountain, 1945

Elmer Bischoff
detail of Orange Sweater, 1955