Monday, March 28, 2011

Roman Rain

The man at the local flower stand showed me how he wrapped and overlapped fig leaves to create the regular pattern of green points that marked the outer borders of his bouquets. This one had tulips and freesias nesting in laurel. To my American eyes it looked like a lush version of what brides used to carry in olden days. A properly exotic gesture of welcome to a foreign place.

Mabel Watson Payne and her parents brought rainy weather with them. According to their own family legend, rain always proves to be a 100% reliable companion on any and all vacations they undertake.

It was not heavy rain, though, and not cold. Nobody really minded.

Least of all Mabel Watson Payne, who remained calmly interested in every sight and sound including those produced by Roman rain.

I was interested too, and in particular was grateful for the chance to observe the Piazza outside our windows in its winter aspect.