Saturday, May 21, 2011

Albert Oehlen

Less than a month ago I was saying good things about the Glenn Brown installation at Galerie Max Hetzler in Berlin. Today I came across these images from Albert Oehlen's current exhibition, also at Max Hetzler.

From Max Hetzler's press release:

"The starting point of the eleven large-scale paintings featured in the exhibition are collages of images from magazines glued directly on the canvas. Subsequently Oehlen uses multiple layers of paint characterised by a very distinguished colourful brushwork and implementing various art-historical references as Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism or Pop Art. The collages give a certain direction and are echoed by titles such as Mode (Fashion), Alm (Mountain pasture), Sog (Suction), Blumen (Flowers), Münzen (Coins), Auf der Veranda (on the Veranda) or Rasieren (Shaving)."

In early days Albert Oehlen studied in Hamburg with Sigmar Polke.Today he lives and works primarily in Spain.

Andreas Laszlo Konrath