Monday, May 2, 2011

The Most

There were a great many playtime photos of Mabel Watson Payne today, and several others appear below, but when I first saw this one above blown up large on my computer screen I was immediately and incontrovertibly certain it qualified as the most beautiful picture I had ever taken or could ever expect to take. Surely no one will disagree that it is the most beautiful picture in the history of the world.

While the baby took her morning nap I did up a few dishes. The green rubber grass-prongs make the best possible drying rack for baby bottles and tiny containers that held portions of baby food. She woke all energized and eager to play.

The toy in the two pictures immediately below is a teething rattle with many tiny ribbon ends arranged at the center. What a love this infant has for tags and labels and other fluttering bits of fabric.

Eager to play – and equally eager to slither off the edge of the sofa. Mabel Watson Payne is at the age to launch herself toward whatever interests her at the moment, with no concern about how or where she will land.

Later we went to Huntington Park and practiced swinging on the swing-set. My granddaughter is learning to pet the grass rather than harvest it. Her inclination is to grab handfuls and stuff them in her mouth, but she is amenable to other suggestions.