Monday, May 16, 2011

What We Did

My daughter sent an email this morning from her office downtown to my office out by the park asking if I could write down "some details about your usual schedule with Mabel  just what you did in what order, and maybe rough times?"

My Days With Mabel (9 mos.)

7:00-7:30 arrival
7:30-8:00 playing
8:00-8:30 solid food
8:30-9:00 sponge bath/dressing
9:00-9:30 bottle
9:30-11:00 nap
11:00-11:30 solid food
11:30-1:00 outing
1:00-1:30 bottle
1:30-2:00 my lunch/Puffs*
2:00-2:30 playing
2:30-4:00 nap
4:00-4:30 solid food
4:30-5:00 bottle
5:00-5:30 playing

Writing this out was a good temporary consolation for the sad fact of not being able to continue doing it.

*Puffs (which remain a reliable favorite) are illustrated here