Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Last week Mabel Watson Payne began the ambitious project of self-feeding. Yesterday I saw her putting this new skill into practice. Her first self-feeding food is Organic Puffs.

The puffs look like cheerios but are something different. They are Happy Baby Organic Green Puffs made with spinach, collard greens & kale. They are guaranteed to "melt in baby's mouth." I tried a couple and they tasted a lot like communion wafers.

What a wonderfully obliging baby to take an interest in eating these bland little circles! She concentrated very hard on controlling each individual finger well enough to pick them up.

After eating time there was block-playing time. My daughter and I would set up the block tower and Mabel Watson Payne would knock it down. The rule seemed to be that another block had to be used to knock down the tower, never the hand by itself.