Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby & Bookshelves

This was the Monday when Mabel Watson Payne and I began a block of time spending days together in her San Francisco apartment while both her parents are out at work. Other lucky relatives will take their turns having fun in this way later in the spring. And we started out reading a book before we even got out of pajamas this morning, a book about monkeys printed on cloth. There are many books to choose from in the apartment, and we go to the shelves and poke around when we want to choose a new one.

In the middle of the day we walked to Huntington Park at the top of Nob Hill. People come up and say hello to Mabel Watson Payne in the kindest possible way for the simple reason that she is infinitely adorable, and she always returns their greetings with humor and dignity.

Back at home in the afternoon our game playing grew more complicated but we still took breaks where we walked around the rooms and talked about what we found on the bookshelves.