Friday, April 15, 2011

Mirror Baby

When we went out for our morning walk Mabel Watson Payne and I headed for the big Banana Republic store at Sutter and Grant in San Francisco. My daughter noticed a spring jacket in the window there yesterday and asked us to form an opinion of it. Apparently it has not gone up on the company's web site yet.

We were a little surprised that she was considering something with a definite Miami Vice vibe – but solely considered in terms of color and cut it could be a useful little piece. Mabel Watson Payne and I agreed that we really do have to accustom ourselves to regarding the 1980s the same way we regard the 1950s, as a fixed set of historical fashion references to be exploited.

While we were there (and before heading for the playground in Chinatown) we took photos of our reflections where one of the store windows was all black glass. At home we have been playing mirror games in front of the medicine cabinet.