Monday, April 25, 2011

Nap Time

Mabel took a long nap this afternoon. After I had cleaned things up from the previous feeding and prepared for the next one, I had half an hour on my own to sit in the sunlight and read a novel.

Below the phone. A primitive device, by the standards of the day. But it works. I keep it turned on and propped up in plain sight throughout babysitting days, another layer of conscientiousness.

Also, the daily Polaroid collection, as presently housed. A baby documentary.

At night the curtains are closed in Mabel's tiny room so she will understand that night is night. Which also means that during daytime nap times the curtains are left open to cue that sleeping during the day is different from sleeping in the night. All which she has learned by now and seems to understands fine.

Swaddling was not so much in fashion when my own daughter was a baby, but today it is the norm. Mabel manifestly likes it.

Once she wakes up, though, Mabel likes to escape and stretch and get back to work investigating the concepts of up and down and in and out.