Saturday, September 29, 2012


I was walking from the Museum of Modern Art on 3rd & Mission through the Union Square part of downtown and on up the slope beyond (in the cold and foggy Friday afternoon air) toward my favorite engagement of the week (with my granddaughter) when I saw these pigeons, aiming for and landing on the ornamental ledge of a rather fancy unoccupied 1920s-era building across the street. I expect it will be occupied soon, now that fewer and fewer of the commercial street-front spaces anywhere near downtown San Francisco are empty.

There is a NEW BOOM obvious all over town these days, and my son-in-law mockingly and humorously told me that he has heard many people saying that THIS boom is REALLY DIFFERENT from the LAST boom because it is BUILT on something SOLID and therefore we need not expect another CRASH such as we have seen after every other local, national or international BOOM throughout recorded history.

After he said this we both laughed and laughed at the obvious falsehoods people are willing and eager to tell themselves and others.