Friday, September 28, 2012


For snack time Friday afternoon Mabel Watson Payne wanted to open the vanilla energy bar she found in my backpack and I said that would be fine after Daddy had checked the label for things that wouldn't be good. Mabel was very happy when he approved her request to eat the bar but she promised only to take mouse bites to make the chewing easier. 


Mabel's frog-potty appeared in the bathroom a coupe of weeks ago. She plays with it and puts her dolls on it and has conversations about it and reads books about it. On Friday another thing she wanted to do that needed permission from Daddy was to bring the frog-potty out into the living room and play with it there. He said fine, just like with the energy bar, and then Mabel showed me how many different games it is possible to play with a frog-potty.