Sunday, October 14, 2012

Piano Playing

Mabel Watson Payne and her parents arrived early for visiting before setting off to prepare for Saturday's retirement party. This also meant there was time for Mabel to try out several of the special amusements she knows about that are only available at Grandma's house. 

Such as the large old piano with adjustable revolving antique piano stool to sit on. And such as the many tins and jars on low shelves in the kitchen filled with special pens or soda straws or who knows what.

Mabel and Daddy and I walked over to the neighborhood bakery for carry-away coffee and snacks. Mabel was allowed to pick anything she wanted from the glass display case. She did not hesitate but asked immediately for a chocolate chip cookie.

And devoured it with ardor. After that, rejuvenated, she went outside to ride on the little push-car Grandma got for her last spring. Daddy went along  on the driveway-part to help with the steering.