Sunday, October 21, 2012

Question & Answer

I was not able to visit Mabel this week. Compensation came in a long phone description of Grandma's visit to Mabel on Thursday afternoon. At one point they were sitting on the sofa together in San Francisco and Grandma told about the way she goes to sleep at night.

"When I am in bed going to sleep," Grandma said, "I think about things. I think about  my memories and I think about what happened during the day and I think about things that I like."

Mabel listened and nodded as her Grandma told her these facts about the way she goes to sleep. Then Grandma asked Mabel a question. "Do you think about things when you are going to sleep?"

"Yes!" said Mabel.

"What things?" asked Grandma.

"Pumpkins!" said Mabel.

Mabel's pumpkins for 2012 are lined up on the dining room table against the window. When my daughter put up this Instagram a few days ago, she wrote:

Mabel has named them: String Cheese, Strings, and The Water Bottle.