Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grandpa's Valentines

Like last year, I only succeeded this year in making two mediocre Valentines at the Valentine making party. Because I was too much absorbed in observing the Valentine making of my granddaughter and taking photos.

The photo of me (above) was taken (by me) a couple of years ago on the roof of the Met in New York. I would have used a more a recent one here – except that I don't have any tolerable recent ones. Since I am the one who takes almost all the pictures, I am also the one who is almost never in them. When Mabel looks back on the documentary evidence of her childhood, it will appear to her as if I was not there. This offers a good example of the reason for postmodern researchers to cultivate the same skepticism about documentary evidence that they already cultivate toward anything they can perceive as a structure of social control. 

I asked Mabel what I should put in the blank space at the bottom of the Valentine I was working on and she told me to put I LOVE MABEL.