Friday, January 11, 2013

Among Bubbles

Thursday night turned into a Lucky Opportunity for me. The parents of Mabel Watson Payne and her Grandma unexpectedly scored last-minute tickets for the traveling New York production of Anything Goes at San Francisco's Golden Gate Theater. What a lucky thing for three people who like Cole Porter. And what a lucky thing for me – notorious as one of those heartless foolish souls who does not like Cole Porter – because I got a perfect opportunity to babysit.

The others went out. Mabel showed me how to build a Lego tower (as tall as herself) and conduct a pretend tea-party at the same time. At the kitchen counter she stood on her step-stool and guided me through dinner preparations. After the meal we started on the many rituals (including the bubble bath seen here) that wind toward bed time. With our combined efforts we managed to get her settled under the covers and peacefully sleeping only about half an hour past the appointed hour.