Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photographic Parsley

This weekend Mabel Watson Payne went up the coast with her parents to stay in a cabin out in nature and celebrate her mother's birthday. This happy plan meant that I did not see Mabel and had no chance this week to take pictures, which set me to looking back over the quite large folder of pictures I took the last time I did see Mabel on December 29th. I posted what I took to be the best of these here.

On a second run-through I found a group of pictures illuminating Mabel's infinite variety but not posted previously because of this or that technical defect. My favorite mistake-concealer – sepia tinting – made them to my eye considerably more appealing. Julia Child said that for almost any dish either parsley or whipped cream could be used to conceal imperfections of form. Sepia is my photographic parsley.