Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mamma's Valentines

Above, my daughter and her husband at the Valentine making party in 2010. No Mabel! But Mabel was not absent. She was a three-month-old embryo on Valentine party day in 2010. 

Three years later on Monday morning when the Valentine making party came around again, my daughter was (as always) both the most prolific and and the most inventive. Everyone marvels. 

This (the one above) is the one, I must confess, that I am privately hoping to receive in the mail next month, with old loopy handwriting across the heart. But then it's also true that the pink and orange Valentine below with Almodóvar (and the kitten stoles) is another one I am secretly wishing to receive. Along with, as I go through them, several others of similar merit. So I should never have started to list them.