Monday, September 9, 2013


9-4. They put stones in their eye sockets. Upper-
class people put precious stones.

16.2. Prior to the movement and following the
movement, stillness.

8.0. Not sleeping made the Cycladic people grad-
ually more and more brittle. Their legs broke

1.0. The Cycladic was a neolithic culture based
on enmer wheat, wild barley, sheep, pigs and
tuna speared from small boats.

11.4. Left hand on Tuesdays, right hand on

10.1. She plied the ferryboat back and forth,
island to island, navigating by means of her
inner eye.

9.0. When their faces wore smooth they painted
them back on with azurite and iron ore.

12.1. All this expertise just disappears when a
people die out.

 opening of Anne Carson's poem By Chance the Cycladic People, published last April in the London Review of Books.

The poet creates speech about artifacts that cannot speak at all.