Saturday, September 14, 2013


Janet Malcolm wrote of painter David Salle  ". . . no one has ever accused him  no one can accuse him  of being derivative."

I wondered about this when I read it in her new book, Forty-one False Starts. The wondering sent me back to take a better look at Salle's online selection of the paintings he created in the eighties, the period Malcolm would have been looking at when she was putting her profile together in the early nineties.

1. The Happy Writers, 1981
2. Poverty is no Disgrace, 1982
3. The Blue Room, 1982
4. B.A.M.F.V., 1983
5. Tennyson, 1983
6. My Head, 1984
7. Coral Made, 1985
8. Miner, 1985
9. Landscape with Two Nudes and Three Eyes, 1986
10. Lampwick's Dilemma, 1989