Sunday, March 23, 2014

Marine Views

Isle of Wight

Clett Rock

Denbeath Castle

Fingal's Cave

Dungeness Lighthouse

Isle of Sandy Lighthouse

Holyhead Lighthouse

Land's End Lighthouse

Little Hampton

Slanes Castle

William Daniel (1769-1837) became famous and rich by means of scenic aquatints (drawn, engraved and published by himself) depicting hundreds of specific maritime beauty spots of the "British Isles" in the early 19th century. People could still believe in those days that the country they lived in was full of plausible traditions and natural wonders. They furthermore believed that those wonders could always be embellished to advantage with man-made structures. Buying a Daniel print, the purchasers were able  on a miniature scale  simultaneously to celebrate emotions of patriotism, connoisseurship, and sublimity.