Thursday, March 20, 2014


This first group of models walked in Saint Laurents's ready-to-wear show for Fall 2013.

Hedi Slimane and the resurrected muse of the 1990s proved their enduring mutual regard.

For Fall 2014 (below) the designer offered little coats, opaque tights and go-go dresses.

One year ago we looked here at Slimane's first & earliest Saint Laurent collection. Which derived from the Seventies. So far, it seems like a different decade of recent fashion history for each new runway show, concentrating in each case on only a very few simplified vintage elements, then elaborating these with creative profusion.

Meanwhile, over at Yves Saint Laurent Men's Fragances, the French print ads for the cologne called M7 feature an unconcealed penis. (Maybe other people have already seen many penises in mainstream advertising, but I  have not.)

As far as I can determine, the M7 ad in this form has not been (and will not be) used in the U.S.

All the same, it reminds me (as I think it intends to do) of Saint Laurent's own youthful nude posing (penis concealed) for his first-ever fragrance back in 1971.