Thursday, November 27, 2014

André-Antoine Bernard

Jacques-Louis David
Portrait of André-Antoine Bernard

A small collection of European drawings from the large collections at the Getty Museum. The 1795 drawing above was made in prison. Both Jacques-Louis David and André-Antoine Bernard had committed all their energies to the French Revolution. During 1793 and 1794 they both sat on the Committee of Public Safety. This small group of Revolutionary politicians, led by Robespierre, sent thousands of French citizens to death on the guillotine. Many of these same middle-class revolutionaries also signed special warrants authorizing the execution of the King and Queen.   

Christ Preaching in the Temple
c. 1625

Study of a Seated Young Man
c. 1619

Agostino Carracci
Kneeling Figure
c. 1582-85

Agostino Carracci
Cupid Overpowering Pan
c. 1590

Agostino Carracci
Triton Blowing a Conch
c. 1600

Nicolas Poussin
Forest Path
c. 1635-40

Laurent La Hyre
Liberation of St. Peter
c. 1647

Anthony van Dyck
c. 1620

Giorgio Vasari
Nude Stdy 
c. 1555-65

Pieter Jansz Saenredam
Choir and North Ambulatory at the Church of Saint Bavo, Haarlem