Saturday, November 1, 2014


I arrived at Mabel's place on Halloween morning a few minutes before 6:30, so (not wanting to be early) before I went in I stood on the doorstep and took a few pictures of the illuminated Venetian views above the entrance to a shop across the street.

While I was taking the picture above, there was a creaking door behind my back and then a small voice exclaiming, "Grandpa!"

I spun around.

And there was Mabel in her pajamas with Mamma in the doorway, smiling with triumph that they had discovered me. They had decided to sneak out to the lobby and see if I was on the doorstep taking pictures, and there I was.

Then Mabel led me into the house for some quick & happy visiting with Mamma before she needed to go off to work in her beautiful striped raincoat  with numerous hugs and kisses from Mabel.

The first thing Mabel wanted to do, even before breakfast, was to pull out her small but flamboyant collection of hair doo-dads. Working in front of the big closet mirror she pointed to where she wanted pigtails and gave me tiny clips to make them.

Naturally Mabel also wanted to put a clip in my hair. It took several attempts before she got it arranged it just the way she wanted, but she persisted.

When we began to get hungry and the amusement-value of hair-clips began to wane, Mabel instructed me to take them out, carefully, and we went into her room, now full of morning sunlight, to get dressed for the day.