Saturday, November 22, 2014

High Baroque

Pier Francesco Mola
Vision of St. Bruno
c. 1660

A small sample from among the many glorious Getty Museum paintings that originated in 17th and early 18th century Italy.

Palma Il Giovane
Venus & Mars
c. 1605-09

Giovanni Lanfranco
Moses with the Messengers from Canaan
c. 1621

Francesco Maffei
Rinaldo's Conquest of the Enchanted Forest
c. 1650

Lodovico Carracci
St. Sebastian Thrown into the Cloaca Maxima
c. 1600

Orazio Gentileschi
Lot & his Daughters
c. 1622

Way to Calvary
c. 1610

Giulio Cesare Procaccini
Coronation of the Virgin
c. 1604

Guido Reni
Joseph & Potiphar's Wife
c. 1630

attributed to Alessandro Algardi
Bust of Maria Cerri Capranica
c. 1640

Bernardino Mei
Christ Cleansing the Temple
c. 1655

Carlo Dolci
St. Matthew Writing His Gospels

Sebastiano Ricci
Tarquin the Elder Consulting Attius Navius
c. 1690

Sebastiano Ricci
Venus & Dog
c. 1700

Luigi Garzi
Hercules & Omphale
c. 1700

Sebastiano Conca
Adoration of the Shepherds
Sebastiano Conca's Adoration of the Shepherds is one fine example of that Baroque mini-genre representing the Divinity of the newborn Christ Child as a supernatural light-source.