Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bowling Pins

When I arrived at Mabel's Sunday afternoon she was in the middle of a game she had invented in collaboration with Mamma. Several wooden Santas, a cork, and a Lego building were lined up as bowling pins. A round blue plastic Christmas ornament was the bowling ball. Mabel let me bowl, once I had put my stuff down and we had kissed Mamma as she headed out the door.

Baby Goat came along with me again to visit Mabel at her house. Mabel asked me to take her picture on the sofa with Baby Goat. She posed our small friend with the blue plastic Christmas ornament bowling ball. Then she carefully positioned herself by Baby Goat's side and told me to take the picture. When she saw it in the viewfinder Mabel approved and I hope she will like it just as much when she sees it on her parents' computer or phone, after this is posted.

Mabel showed me the three family Christmas stockings in the new good place discovered for them, the first Christmas in the remodeled living room. Mabel's is on the left. There was also a popcorn garland newly hanging in the window.