Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blue Motherwell

How splendid, another Motherwell (partly visible, above). This one is blue, deployed by design partners Reed & Delphine Krakoff.

Reed Krakoff's New York office appears below, featuring furniture produced by an industrially-equipped computer that processes designs, creates molds, and executes three-dimensional objects.

Below, Italian-born, London-based designer Paolo Moschino makes statements with scale. He crowded a Francis Bacon lithograph onto the too-small space above the mantel on an all-white wall. Oedipus & the Sphinx. In his late period Bacon's palette softened and he began to favor the serene shade of pink seen here, a color hardly conceivable in the first half of his career. Paolo Moschino endorses that pink. In every room I looked at Moschino's first concern was to give the art heroic prominence.