Sunday, February 15, 2015

Baby U and Baby G

Last week Baby Goat and Baby Unicorn payed a long visit to Mabel at her house. This gave her time to put them in the washing machine and the dryer, because they got so much colored chalk on themselves when we let them join us out on the sidewalk with the sidewalk chalk. When Mabel gave them back into my keeping she pointed out that Baby Unicorn was starting to unravel underneath her chin. I didn't get around to making this simple repair until Sunday morning when I was gathering things together in the bag that I would be carrying over to Mabel's house after lunch for the extensive playtime and babysitting planned for Sunday afternoon. My preparations also included fooling with the big heavy camera, cleaning its lenses and its many other surfaces that get smeary so quickly (like my eyeglasses, which are covered with tiny fingerprints whenever I come away from a get-together with Mabel who is still much inclined at four years old to rely on the sense of touch).