Monday, February 16, 2015

Building Blocks

On Sunday afternoon Mabel started a package-wrapping game using table napkins as wrapping paper. Once we had wrapped the imaginary packages, she wanted an imaginary Christmas tree to put them under. This she built out of blocks, symmetrical and elegant.

Mabel next decided that the Christmas tree needed "stabilizers"  which meant the clever installation of a sort of scaffolding all round  the tree-trunk  to such a degree that the original arrangement of vertical green blocks on the inside became almost completely invisible.  Mabel was very proud of this second-stage, highly-supported Christmas tree.

Grandma arrived fortuitously just as the appeal of block-building began to wane. Grandma brought fresh novelties in a big green bag of her own. Mabel and Grandma read books (in black and white) while the sun began descending and I began making arrangements for dinner.