Thursday, February 12, 2015

Francesco Albani

Hermaphroditus & Salmacis

Francesco Albani (1578-1660) belonged to the circle that emerged from the informal Academy run by the Carracci brothers in Bologna, the same circle that came to dominate Roman art during the middle of the 17th century. He was typical of Italian painters of his day in the spontaneous ability to make his gods and lovers livelier and more compelling than his saints and martyrs. Occasionally he could produce an altogether compelling picture like the one above. But just as often he seems to emphasize his own limitations.

Jupiter as Bull with Europa

Madonna & Child
oil on slate

Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene

Baptism of Christ

Satyr & Nymph

Diana & Actaeon

Apollo & Hermes

Daphne & Apollo

Adonis led by Cupids to Venus (detail)