Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pink Glue

Mabel and her Dad were already embarked on collages when I showed up on Saturday morning to give the parents some free time for the great annual San Francisco Public Library book sale. Mabel was inspired by a new kind of glue they had located at the drugstore, pink glitter glue.


Mabel's own collage is the first one. She is pointing to the blue letter K covered in puffy hearts, her favorite part. She drew and cut out stars and triangles and strips and rectangles and squares to paste down and in many cases to draw on top of.

Below, Mabel points at the color-dotted tree, her favorite part of Dad's collage.

She also supplied the conceptual energy for my collage. BLACK STAR HOTEL was Mabel's inspiration entirely. Below, she points to her favorite part. It is the peach-colored mural of a ladybug drawn in red pencil with many legs This mural hangs on the front of the BLACK STAR HOTEL, where Mabel put it. There are also snakes crawling down the side of the hotel and a cat nearby. One of the snakes is drinking from a patch of water.