Monday, June 18, 2018

Printed Illustrations (1770-1972)

Teodoro Viero
Ex Libris with Lion
ca. 1770-90
British Museum

William Skelton after Charles Reuben Ryley
Hercules Alastor
(antique statue in the Charles Townley collection)
ca. 1778-1805
etching and engraving
British Museum

Pierre-Antoine Martini
Portraits of their Majesty's and the Royal Family viewing the Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1788
engraving (unmounted fan-leaf shape)
British Museum


Nevertheless, Alice, Plymouth Rock
Was never to be of glass and sand and sea;
Moreover those had been English glass stepping stones
Up onto the House of Lords through the Looking Glass;
That had been a land of glass and sand and steeples;
They'd left England; they'd left a glass Wonderland

Jean-Jacques Hubert after Charles Monnet
Valmont visits Mme de Tourval's chambermaid at night
(for London edition of Les Liaisons Dangereuses)
British Museum

J.F. Cazenave
Jupiter et Danaé
ca. 1790-1820
color stipple-engraving
British Museum

William Blake after Michelangelo
Joseph of Arimathea among the rocks of Albion
ca. 1810-20
etching and engraving
British Museum

Johann Gottfried Schadow
The Muses Melpomene and Thalia
ca. 1823-26
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Twin Lakes

In a land of silver bells, of silver deer, of silver ears
Of lakefulness lest there be awakefulness
Morning shivers silver before their ears
Not a sound shivers before their lakefulness
Of awakefulness of doubly morning deer

Trancelike, silently, if ever a silver rustle,
But not a sound creeps before their ears,
Though one lake morning star sees of them
In a land of heavenly lakefulness
Of awakefulness of doubly morning deer

H. Biberstein
Le Marquis de Sade
(book illustration)
ca. 1850-1900
British Museum

William Hooper after Frederick Walker
The Woman in White
(London theatrical poster, modeled by actress Anne Catherick)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

William Edward Frost
Man cross-legged on rock
before 1877
British Museum


Why time stitched a word for a hornet's nest
That said to the little knives there are
That have been offered for a sword in time
Though for the center of the curious circus
Time said to a duncelike being that is ourselves
Yet fiercely that is an angel of another kind
Time sought along a cornucopia vine divergently
Still time said to the little spheres there are
That have been offered for the agony of time

Paul Gauguin
Portrait of Stéphane Mallarmé
British Museum

Frédéric Auguste Cazals
Poster for Septième Exposition du Salon des Cent
(Paul Verlaine and Jean Moréas looking at pictures)
British Museum

John Copley
Pavlova in Le Cygne
British Museum

Eduardo Paolozzi
Has Jazz a Future?
screenprint, lithograph
Tate Gallery

– poems are from A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind: the Poems of Alfred Starr Hamilton (Brooklyn : The Song Cave, 2013)