Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hand-Colored Prints (1540-1924)

Michael Ostendorfer
Illustration from Astronomicum Caesareum
(manual on the astrolabe, printed by Petrus Apianus in Ingolstadt)
hand-colored woodcut
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

John Bowles & Son
The Royal Palace of Kensington
ca. 1755-60
hand-colored etching and engraving
British Museum

Carington Bowles after Francis Hayman
The Good Man at the Hour of Death
ca. 1766-84
hand-colored mezzotint
British Museum

For Your Pink Chips

That's a rose colored cloud
That hovers over a war bank
That is high backed up against a blue sky
That is stacked higher
And is being covered

Francesco Bartolozzi after Giovanni Battista Cipriani
hand-colored etching
British Museum

Taunay (publisher)
Représentation exacte du grand collier en brilliants
(cause of the Affair of the Diamond Necklace of Marie Antoinette)
hand-colored engraving
British Museum

Thomas Rowlandson after Henry Fuseli
The Covent Garden Night-Mare
(caricature of Charles James Fox)
hand-colored etching and engraving
Victoria & Albert Museum


I don't know why I pursed my lips
That can have told the story of a ring of gold
I don't know why I swallowed a blacksnake once
Yet at the bottom of my heart that is being a toadstool
I don't know why I clung to a dark railing once
And wanted the eel for the dark railing
To have crawled to the mouth of the gold ringer
I don't why I held an eel at arm's length
And wanted its sinewy muscles to have crawled to a toad's strength
I don't know why the sea is boiling hot
That I looked over the dark railing
I don't know why I wanted a salt pond that is muddier
To have been full of thingamajigs that clung to snails
And asked more seaweed questions, and different kinds of things

Thomas Rowlandson
The Syrens
hand-colored etching and aquatint
British Museum

Gabriel Lory le père
Two Women
(in Swiss costume)
ca. 1788-1810
hand-colored aquatint
British Museum

Anonymous Swiss printmaker
View of the Staubbachfalls with a Rainbow
ca. 1790-1800
hand-colored etching and aquatint
British Museum


What do you know of others
What do you know of their dreams
What do you know of water on the desert
What do you know of water everywhere
What do you know of a cloud in the sky
What do you know of the three rivers that run deeper
What do you know of the three rivers that have cast their shadows above ground
What do you know of those wandering eyes

James Gillray
Captain Samuel Irwyn Townsend, 1st Grenadier Guards
(one of the habitual promenaders in St James's Street)
hand-colored etching
British Museum

Auguste Blanchard le père after Claude-Louis Desrais
Mode du Jour - Le Suprême Bon Ton
ca. 1801
hand-colored etching
British Museum

William Edward Frost
Woman on a River Bank
before 1877
hand-colored mezzotint
British Museum

Walter Crane
Beach Scene with Classical Figures
(with lines from Wordsworth's Intimations of Immortality)
before 1915
hand-colored woodcut
British Museum

William Giles
Sic transit gloria mundi
ca. 1924
color woodcut with additional hand-coloring
British Museum

– poems are from A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind: the Poems of Alfred Starr Hamilton (Brooklyn : The Song Cave, 2013)