Friday, June 1, 2018

Pulp Cover Paintings of 1952

Bedrooms Have Windows
Erle Stanley Gardner writing as A.A. Fair
illustrator: Mike Ludlow

Butcher's Dozen
John Bartlow Martin
illustrator: Harry Schaare

Company K
William March
illustrator: Rafael DeSoto
Lion Books

Jack Karney
illustrator: Stanley Zuckerberg
Pocket Books

Dark Laughter
Sherwood Anderson
illustrator: Tom Dunn
Pocket Books

Drawn to Evil
Harry Whittington
illustrator: Norman Saunders

Great Smith
Edison Marshall
illustrator: Robert Stanley

Keep Cool, Mr. Jones
Timothy Fuller
illustrator: Robert Stanley

Masters of Deceit
J. Edgar Hoover
illustrator: Ben Feder
Pocket Books

Naked Fury
Day Keene
illustrator: uncredited
Phantom Books

Sweet and Deadly
Verne Chute
illustrator: A. Leslie Ross
Popular Library

The Angry Mountain
Hammond Innes
illustrator: Mitchell Hooks

The Disenchanted
Budd Schulberg
illustrator: Harry Schaare

The Road's End
Albert Conroy
illustrator: Barrye Phillips
Gold Medal

All published in 1952, a year of personal significance since it coincided with my own introduction to this unhappy planet.  Images sourced from Pop Sensation.