Friday, July 27, 2018

Painted Surfaces (Texture - Text) – Nineteen Sixties

Michael Rothenstein
In Between
oil paint on wood
Tate Gallery

Joe Tilson
Vox Box
oil paint on wood
Tate Gallery

Ian Hamilton Finlay
Starlit Waters
painted wood and nylon net
Tate Gallery

Carnal and Spiritual Love

Swift through the eyes unto the heart within
all lovely forms that thrall our spirit stray;
so smooth and broad and open is the way
that thousands and not hundreds enter in.

Burdened with scruples and weighed down with sin,
these mortal beauties fill me with dismay;
nor find I one that doth not strive to stay
my soul on transient joy, or lets me win

the heaven I yearn for.  Lo, when erring love –
who fills the world, howe'er his power we shun,
else were the world a grave and we undone –

assails the soul, if grace refuse to fan
our purged desires and make them soar above,
what grief it were to have been born a man!

Eva Hesse
Tomorrow's Apples (5 in White)
enamel, gouache, varnish, cord and papier-mâché on board
Tate Gallery

Francisco Farreras
No. 139
painted paper collage on wood
Tate Gallery

E.L.T. Mesens
Mouvement Immobile II
acrylic paint and paper on board
Tate Gallery

Jannis Kounellis
polyvinyl acetate paint and tempera on canvas
Tate Gallery

Jack Smith
Written Activity No. 7
oil paint on canvas
Tate Gallery

John Armstrong
Tocsin III
oil paint on canvas
Tate Gallery

Stuart Brisley
ca. 1960
roofing underlay, roofing felt, tarpaulin, canvas sacking, bitumin and sand on hardboard
Tate Gallery

Love is a Refiner's Fire

It is with fire that blacksmiths iron subdue
unto fair form, the image of their thought:
nor without fire hath any artist wrought
gold to its utmost purity of hue.

Nay, nor the unmatched phoenix lives anew,
unless she burn: if then I am distraught
by fire, I may to better life be brought
like those whom death restores nor years undo.

The fire whereof I speak, is my great cheer;
such power it hath to renovate and raise
me who was almost numbered with the dead;

and since by nature fire doth find its sphere
soaring aloft, and I am all ablaze,
heavenward with it my flight must needs be sped.

Hans Hartung
acrylic paint on canvas
Tate Gallery

William Tucker
Margin II
painted aluminum
Tate Gallery
Michael Buthe
White Painting
wood, cotton, gesso and steel
Tate Gallery

Anselm Kiefer
The starry heavens above us and the moral law within
paint on photograph
Tate Gallery, owned jointly with the National Galleries of Scotland

– sonnets by Michelangelo Buonnaroti (1475-1564), as translated by John Addington Symonds (1840-1893)