Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Afternoon

When I took this fuzzy picture we had just come back to Mabel's apartment with take-out food from the Pickle Store (her private name for the famous hamburger place Pearl's, where Mabel chooses her own thick wedges of dill pickle one by one from the bin). I took many other much less flawed pictures of this child in the course of the afternoon and evening, but this one (with serene, evaluative gaze) is my favorite.

And the peonies (expiring below). They get named and their white petals flushing pink get shown as my other Friday afternoon favorite sight in Mabel's apartment, to go with Mabel. Six months ago these pictures would have been completely impossible because at the same time of day the sun would have long since set and darkness would have already overtaken everything. That is the reason (or at least the main reason) why I like summer best.