Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Felt Board

Lately when my daughter disseminates a photo of some construction made by Mabel, there is also text with an assurance that the child really did make this thing with her own hands, conceiving it out of her own brain, and quite in the absence of adult intervention.

I must make the same disclaimer about this felt board picture. Mabel (two years and nine months old) made it entirely on her own after we returned to raid her toy cupboard after our coffee snack on Tuesday. The girl-figure at far right is at the beach during the day in the sunshine. The boy-figure at far left is inhabiting the night-time. Each is holding a giant egg that will crack open to reveal a treat inside. In the center panel a caterpillar hovers over some hills. The boy and the girl and the caterpillar all have eyeballs on their tummies. The hearts in the sky are mixing with the clouds and snowflakes and moons in the sky. The white heart means love for Daddy. The red heart means love for Mamma. Modesty forbids me to say who the two matching purple hearts with white sports are for.