Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Sand Toys of Others

Monday's mid-day weather made me feel I should change the seasonal tag at once from spring to summer, because the true, dense, unyielding fog-pattern of summer had taken control of the San Francisco atmosphere. Mabel wore a new (though classic) red-and-white reindeer sweater to the playground, a gift from her California grandmother. It would have been a gift for a different season in most other parts of the country. But merely practical here, and immediately useful.

About a dozen toddlers and babies came to the playground in a group while Mabel and I were making the most of the horizontal tire swing (with Big Chains To Hold Onto). They brought many enticing sand toys along with them, and the teachers invited Mabel to share some. She did not need to be asked twice and fell on the plastic spades and molds and sifters with gusto while the babies watched in admiration, really too little themselves to play much with sand toys.