Monday, May 27, 2013


After a (delayed) Mother's Day brunch in the East Bay, Mabel wanted to revisit the tree her mother had shown her once before and not very long ago. This was the same tree my daughter and her friends had climbed as neighborhood children, this overgrown ficus with large limbs low to the ground.

When we were inside the brunch restaurant I changed the white balance to compensate for artificial light, but then when we went back outside I forgot (and not for the first time) to change the setting back to daylight. With the result that the color versions of these outdoor ancestral tree pictures looked unacceptably blue-all-over (as below). Personally, I am not able to color- correct pictures of Mabel without also altering the skin tone in ways that coarsen it. And lacking ambition to refine those deficient editing abilities, I am a sitting duck for the quick fix of sepia.