Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Milk Mustache

After Mabel's extra-long afternoon nap on Tuesday, we decided to walk across the street for what she and her mother always call a coffee snack.  Mabel had a little cup of milk and we shared a small round cheesecake with raspberry swirls (while I had an enormous latte to refocilate my wasted spirits). When I told Mabel she had a milk mustache (as above) she wanted to see the viewfinder right away and confirm the truth of it. Then of course she wanted to make more and bigger milk mustaches.

I didn't find out until after her parents got home in the evening that this was the first time she had ever tasted cheesecake. They were too diplomatic to say whether or not I had made a blunder in letting her have it. But at least I could be quite sure that both her grandmothers would have endorsed this child's unequivocal  enthusiasm  for the treat.