Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rereading List

What ten books would I presently like to reread? After ten minutes of thinking, I had a list.

A Lover's Discourse / Roland Barthes (1978)
The Beggar Maid / Alice Munro (1979)
Offshore / Penelope Fitzgerald (1979)
Vertigo / W.G. Sebald (1990)
Tomorrow In The Battle Think On Me Javier Marías (1994)
None To Accompany Me / Nadine Gordimer (1994)
BlindnessJosé Saramago (1995)
The Story Of The Night / Colm Toibin (1996)
What Are You Like? / Anne Enright (2000)
The Displaced Of Capital / Anne Winters (2004)

The notion to make the list probably sprang from the surprisingly intense current pleasure of rereading Far From the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy's 1874 novel peopled by those eternal celebrities of English literature, the long-suffering Gabriel Oak and the ravishing Bathsheba Everdene. Calculating backwards, I make the rough guess that I first read this book about 45 years ago.

Photo is one I took in my office at the library a couple of years ago, for representational purposes only.