Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Museum & Levis

It was cold outside this afternoon. Mabel Watson Payne and I decided to go to the Asian Art Museum where we could have an adventure out in the world while staying warm. I believe we had just as much fun as at the playground. Mabel wore the Levi's her own mother wore in the 1970s (as documented here), having just grown into them. According to the big leather label above the back pocket, the waist and inseam each measure 13 inches.

At present there are stickers all around the Indian galleries by Pixar artist Sanjay Patel to make people aware of the special Maharaja show down on the main floor. Suddenly I am in a position to notice to what an extent the museum has gone out of its way to make itself welcoming to children, including babies.

Was still using my old camera when chasing this child today. I would not want to try her as a subject with the new camera for the first few times without another adult to help, because I wouldn't have enough attention to divide between her safety and amusement on the one hand and photo settings on the other.