Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Angora Sweater

My daughter put up some high school era photos here of herself and her friends – mostly from the 90s – to illustrate points she wanted to make about vintage separates and youthful associations. At the end of her post she lamented "... so many key pieces it turns out I don't have photos of. Where is the pink silk shirt with sleeves made out of dozens of collars? Where is the chartreuse angora sweater? The trapeze mini dresses worn with rainbow tie-die leggings? The dozen other pairs of huge clip on earrings, some of which brushed my shoulders? Lost in the mists of time."

Now, when I read that I felt fairly sure that I could lay hands on a photo of the chartreuse angora sweater.

And I did find one photo that definitely shows the garment, but all that survives is a black-and-white print. Late 80s.

Christmas 1990

Another pair of door-knocker earrings, above. And a Tommy Hilfiger cowboy shirt that I had originally bought for myself several years earlier. Early 90s.

undated Halloween costume
60s Avedon girl

April 2001