Thursday, February 23, 2012

February & Huntington Park

My afternoon visit with Mabel Watson Payne and the Daddy was warm and sunny. Definitely a spring day rather than a winter day and we ventured up to Huntington Park for that reason, because it is so often cold, exposed on its hilltop to many blasts of maritime wind and other chill factors. Mabel was still waking up from her nap in the picture above. But a few minutes later at the playground she had regained her usual passion and purpose.

Every Wednesday Mabel has been going to story time at the public library and borrowing books to bring home. Winding down at home while Daddy made dinner, she showed me this newly borrowed surrealistic one about very clean and sprightly snowmen.

I took along the old camera and not the new camera for this occasion because Chasing The Baby is a more advanced form of photography than I feel absolutely prepared to tackle yet with the new camera.