Sunday, June 10, 2012

Captured Cloud

I have captured a cloud and am keeping it in a tank. 2009. Aquarium, water, silicone, thread, rock.

Root Deep Down. 2012. Plaster, steel, plexiglass, water, teeth.

Conceptual artist Chika Matsuda (b. 1983) seems in some of her work to belong to the same movement as conceptual artist Shimabuku (b. 1969) whose creations with fruit and vegetables recently featured here. I had not guessed there existed a movement using aquarium-like tanks with things in them (accompanied by titles signifying ambitious metaphysical preoccupations) supported by utilitarian metal stands or armatures. But it seems clear from these manifestations that such a movement (or fashion) does indeed exist.

Unraveling my strained thought. 2009. Jute twine.