Saturday, June 30, 2012


Bedtime gets delayed when I babysit for Mabel Watson Payne. I sincerely aim to have her sleeping by 8 p.m. the way her parents do, but it seems that just having me around as a substitute creates enough novelty and stimulation that true, deep sleep generally arrives closer to 9:00. This last Friday night all the rituals were completed on schedule. And then we spent the hour between 8 and 9 rocking and singing (on my part) and wriggling around and coming up with ideas and suggestions (on Mabel's part).

Finally it became obvious that she was getting drowsy, head against my shoulder and arms limp as we continued to rock, while I hummed some low-pitched meaningless tune. All at once Mabel raised her head and told me what she wanted me to sing instead.

It was a song she had just made up –

You're ... the Ba-by
 And ... I Love You
 All ... The ... Time