Saturday, June 2, 2012

Library Books

Mabel Watson Payne came back with me from the public library on Friday afternoon with a stack of newly borrowed books. We had jointly picked out one about Wizards, one about a Gorilla, one about the Subway, and one about a little girl named Mabel who helps out in the diner her parents own and operate. Plus several other books. I think the total was eight or maybe nine.

Daddy stopped his many tasks (unpacking and resettling after the East Coast trip) because Mabel wanted to show him her new choices right away.

Soon after that, Mamma got home from work. Then it was her turn to drop everything immediately and attend with excitement to the new library books. There was a blue hippopotamus in one of the books they read together. Mabel can say "hippopotamus" now and has begun to name colors with a fair degree of accuracy.