Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fashion Transition

Mabel Watson Payne was playing with scraps of ribbon and making pretend bow-ties with me when her mother arrived home from the office on Friday afternoon. My daughter brought us advance promotional copies of You Are So Loved, the sequel she has put together for fans of the bestselling compilation she did last year, Everything Is Going To Be OK – which has in recent months also spawned a 2013 calendar and a boxed set of note cards. What will it spawn next?

Mabel meanwhile made a spontaneous fashion-transition from ribbon-bows with Grandpa to hair-tassels with Mamma.There is a Polaroid in existence (but not yet scanned) where both mother and daughter have their hair in many pigtails. Mabel apparently enjoyed that innovation so much that she now asks with some regularity to have her hair done up that way.