Monday, June 11, 2012

Angela Grauerholz

The Library, 1992-93
Lady with Hat, 1993
Fountain, 1998
Parking Lot, 2004
Red Curtain, 2008
Wallpaper, 2008
Flowered Carpet, 2008
Bus Shelter, 2008
Homage to Atget, 2008
Altar Restoration, 2008
The Mirror, 2008-09
Rose et Bleu, 2010
Museum Cloakroom, 2011
Sarindar, 2011

German-Canadian photographer Angela Grauerholz (like Lisette Model before her) manages to combine two careers notorious for their demandingness – that of art-making and that of art-teaching – and to flourish in both. She began her education in Germany where she was born in 1952, but has lived and worked in Montreal since 1976.